Being a professional real estate developer and construction company we have worked on every type of building or housing projects. We are now a renowned brand in the real estate business arena. Renovation projects are also our speciality and restoration projects are our strength. Here are the services we provide-

Buying property/land

With hundreds of construction project spawning in and out of the city, real estate market is currently of adrenaline. This is a right time to buy and there is no other real estate company that can provide reliable services than us. We help you with choosing property as per your budget and preference, analyse its future profit as well as liability and help you buy at the best prices possible. Our active listings are always best in the city and with us, you are guaranteed with positive outcome. Land acquisition is considered more difficult due to tight regulations. We identify these valuable properties and help you legally own it so there are no difficulties in future.

Selling property/land

We are always in touch with potential clients who are in need of purchasing property/land. The common issues people faces are the undervaluing of their property, huge cuts by agents and transaction delays. With us all of your worries are gone. We provide you the best option possible in the market as well as consultancy on other prospects of your property. Timely sell of property/land can save lots of loss and we understand it so our experts work actively on this and help you sell your property/land on time.

Rent services

For the people who want to possess lands/property for longer period in hope for future profit renting out is one of the best option as it simple adds on the future profit as well as ensures that your property/lands are maintained time to time. One of our most sought out services is renting out properties/lands. It could be for short term purpose such as ceremonies, functions etc or long term purpose such as for rent out to families. Our services are actively listed on all web as well as app platforms so once you decide to rent out your property it doesn’t take much time before the potential tenant arrives. In a city as big as ours, there are hundreds of people arrive daily in hope to acquire property on rent. We bridge the gap between landlord and their potential tenants by providing a common service platform. It further solves the problem for landlords as they can have tenants as per their terms and conditions as well. Legally and contractually bound tenant and landlords face no hassle and we provide full consultancy on it. So if you quickly want to rent out, contact softdesk


We construct houses, villas and bungalows. We have built many housing societies and project. Depending of the type we construct both low cost mass build as well row bungalows too. We are known for pace and quality in building row houses. Our finished villa projects have now become icon in their local area.

Commercial hubs

We provide commercial hub construction services at very reasonable cost. Our expert team especially take care in design the maximum space can be utilized with enough open area for customers which not only enhances the aesthetics but also maximizes returns on it. Since many commercial hubs are now built within the busy streets of the city, we also make sure that our work does not cause any disturbance to nearby area or the residents.

Project monitoring and management

This is relatively new field in construction business. Sometime clients already hire services of other company and backing out on it wastes time, money as well as lots of resources. The solution is to hire our project monitoring and management services where we identify the underlying issues, detect irregularity and even provide our construction services if there is a need. It helps you speed up the process and finish the project in the end.

Architecture services

Architecture is one the strengths of our company. We have team of expert architectural engineer and designer who provide timely blue prints of the construction design with estimate raw materials as well. For many of our clients Vastu is matter of concern so we also include it in our services as well.

Interior designing

Interior designis not just about decorating the house, but it is a practical approach about utilizing the space available within boundary of the home, office or building while enhancing its beauty at the same time too. Our team of architecture and engineer can finish interior designing on time and we have worked on houses, villas, offices, conference halls and other commercial buildings as well.

Renovation and Restoration

Renovation and restoration project requires lots of skills and carefulness. We have decades of experience in renovation projects. We have specific protocol for renovation projects where we first analyse total structure, find the weak spots, repair damage as well as make changes in the construction then only work on its outer looks and expansion. Our renovation projects are there to make the construction last longer. Our restoration work has also been highlights of the company as we try as much as we can to capture the beauty and aesthetics of the original constructions.